17/06/2016 We ask all the supportive people to help releasing the new Defiants album!

Hi there, dear friends.

It not a secret, that during a long time the group was occupied by creating a new album. We had a lot of obstructions in our way, but now we can surely say – let there be an album, and let there be an album this year! We are reminding to you, that it will contain 12 completely new tracks.

Now we launch a crowdfunding project in a support of the new album, because we need a budget to release it on the Metalsrap Records. We ask all the supportive people to go by the link, to make a possible input in our project and to help us make this project happen.

Of course, the funders will be rewarded. If you fund 70 gr. or more, you get a calendar with bands signs on it, or the title track the day before release. Among the others prizes are: CDs, branded cups, T-shirts and also exclusive rewards like personal concert and many many more.

Let’s make good music together!

Link to the project:


Time Isn't Healing