01/01/2018 Happy New 2018 Year!!!

Hey, everyone! Happy New Year from Defiant!!!

2017 was pretty fruitful for us. We did release enough (Russian version of our Time Isn't Healing album, 2 covers and (already) 2 live videos) and - what is more important! - wrote and recorded a lot!

1) in 2018 our new album comes out! It will be faster, more powerful, more interesting musically, better produced - just better in general! It will became a new milestone in our history!
2) in 2018 we release 5 more live-videos, on which we are working right now!
3) No spoilers, but maybe we will release something else, new and interesting!

We didn't have a lot of gigs in 2017, so we wish to ourselves some gifts - and by gifts we mean nice and powerful (get it) concerts!

And to you, our friends, we wish a lot of good music, a lot of new impressions, inspiration and rock'n'roll!

And here's our gift - a new live-video! This time this is a one more new song called "Fool's Paradise"!


Let's go Defiant! \m/