16/11/2017 Happy birthday, Oleg!!!

Today is our bassist Oleg's birthday! This bearded dude in the photo below - the one who makes the sound denser, forms with the drummer a foundation on which the others can already build all melodies and the rest arrangements. A bus driver, in general, as say in the decaying West. This is a person who can sincerely enjoy as from his measured "mi" cups start to ring and pictures are falling from the walls. In general, this is a terrible person, I would not advise him to deal with.

But we love him! And therefore we wish him:
a) success in all endeavors!
b) harmony with the surrounding world, with us, and most importantly - with yourself!
c) creative development!
d) always remain what he is in our team - the foundation, the person who is always on time, always on business and is always indispensable!

Happy birthday, Oleg!)

Oleg Yakovlev (bass)