16/07/2017 Happy b-day, Andrey!!!

Meanwhile, we have a celebration – today is Andrey Turkovsky’s birthday. Andrey is the “oldest” member of our band, honored elf of Ukraine, great guitar player and composer, founder of Defiant and just a good fellow!

We wish you harmony and happiness in your life, not to run dry, to create a lot of new masterpieces, not to lose footing on your creative way and to see the progress after the every single step!

Right at the moment Andrey is somewhere in the mountains, where he is crawling to a volcano with a ring in his hand. We are not sure, whether he has any type of connection with the world or not, however we strongly recommend to all our friends and listeners to join our congratulations in any possible way.

Happy b-day, Andrey!!!

Andrey Turkovsky (guitar)