27/03/2022 Happy Birthday to You, Eugene!!!

Friends! On this Sunday, we want to congratulate drummer Eugene Smolin on his birthday! We wish you a stable bright future filled with simple human happiness, health and well-being in your personal life, as well as vitality to continue to create, despite "this is all that reality presents now"!

P.S. To the fans of our band, don't judge strictly our silence in social networks, because due to the events taking place in our country, the activity of the band has practically been reduced to zero (as probably the majority of Ukrainian bands) and, alas, we have nothing to share with you now. The current situation has made adjustments to the lives of each member of our band, the reality has already changed, in which direction it will turn tomorrow no one knows, however, we are sure that with the onset of peacetime we will at least be able to finish mixing our new work and release it. As for the question of the revival of our rehearsal and concert activities, only time will answer it.

All strength and patience to survive! We look forward to a bright future for all! Your Defiant.

Eugene Smolin (drums)