27/03/2021 Happy Birthday to You, Eugene!!!

Dear friends! This pleasant spring day of Saturday is our drummer Eugene Smolin's birthday! Wish him success in all his deeds and beginnings, and also to stay the same wild, rhythmic and energetic beast)) It is no exaggeration to say that Evgeniy is a reliable and demanded metronome-human) because today we share our celebration mood with the band from Kharkov - Power Tale! For those, who lost the plot - recently Evgeniy accepted an offer to become the Power Tale's regular member after almost beating up to death a drumset, filming the band's first music video!) So, currently a half of Defiant's members (the hero of the day and our vocalist) are fighting on two metal-fronts, which is not so easy, and deserves at least your support by liking and subscribing the pages of both bands in social networks (and maybe even on Patreon!)

Stay tuned for the news on our pages, it's about to get hot pretty soon!)

Stay Defiant! \m/

Eugene Smolin (drums)