Band celebrates 12th birthday!!!

Hurray! Today Defiant turns 12 years old! 12 years, Carl! Just like previous years, we continue our developing, and 2020 is no exception: changes in memebership, recording dozens of new tracks both for our albums (yeah, there will be more than one) and covers, growth of our YouTube channel (not subscribed? Come on, run and smash that magical red button!), rebranding. In the nearest future, our new releases will be out, so prepare your ears and stay tuned for more news in our social media!

P.S. Our Patrons, who are subscribed to our Patreon page, as soon as we get sober after the celebration (Friday night's not gonna be easy, you know), we'll contact you immediately and send your gifts to you, as we promised!

Stay Defiant! \m/

Band celebrates 12th birthday!