Following rider is a universal generalized form. Variations are possible and can be discussed individually.


Required gear on the stage

Drums. Drum set – 4 drums (Kick 22", 2 Rack Toms, Floor Tom) with the clear and tuned heads. Every drum should have a resonant head. If the concert takes place in the big room or outdoors, having a podium is desirable. Podium should be stable. 
For the cymbals it is necessary to have 5 good and stable cymbal stands with felts, wing nuts and counterweights.
The hi-hat stand should be in completely working shape and with a good clutch. Also it is necessary to have a snare stand, a throne with height adjustment and a drum rug (or another antiskid covering) under the whole set.
All the stands, clamps and tom holders should be in a completely working condition with height and tilting regulation. Usage of a drum set with non-standard configuration (non-standard diameter, big tom depth etc.) should be discussed with the band’s drummer.
The snare, kick-pedals and cymbals are brought by the Defiants drummer!
Drum podium (for the big halls or open-airs): height – 40-70cm.

Bass combo. Rated power – 100W or more for the closed concerts (150W or more for the big halls and open-airs), to the PA through the DI-box (separate or built-in).

Guitar combo - isn’t required. Guitar cabinet 4x12 (or at least 2x12) is enough. The wishful speakers models are Celestion Vintage 30 and Warehouse Veteran 30. In case of having the combo that can’t be used as a cabinet, it is necessary to have an FX loop with a properly functioning “return” jack. Rated power – 50W or more (100W or more for the open-airs). For miking – a Shure SM57 or analogous microphone. 

Two guitar stands are needed.

Microphones. 2 microphone stands. Microphones Shure SM58 or analogous.

Commutation. For the keyboard – 2-channel DI-box (for the small halls 1-channel is acceptable). For the playback – 1 DI-box near the drummer.

Rosettes. It is necessary to have at least 1 plugging box near the placement of every band member. 

Monitoring equipment.

At least 2 (3 is desirable) separate monitoring lines (including drummers one). General amount of monitors – 3 or more (to have 5 is a desirable variant). Rated power of each one – 100W or more.

For the big halls and open-airs – rated power of the monitors should be 200W or more. Side-fill monitors are desirable.


Mixing console – 10 separate channels or more (for the small halls). For the big halls and open-airs – 16 or more.

Miking the drums. It is necessary to mic up the kick and the snare. Miking the toms and using overheads is required for the big concerts.

FX processors. Built-in or separate “rever” effect for the vocals. Compression for the kick and the snare is desirable.










Organizer is responsible for all the conditions to be fulfilled. If they are not (especially, the ones about the equipment and soundcheck) and the reason doesn’t not constitute any force majeure:


These conditions have not been made up, but were created using our sad experience. As a team of musicians, we want to deliver maximum quality to the audience, and all the conditions should be fulfilled in order for that to happen.

The conditions can be changed according to the points of the event.
Bands fee should be discussed individually with the management.