History of the band

Name. In the beginning, the name was pronounced in the latin transcription [defiánt], because the band was oriented on the Russian-speaking auditory and the whole repertoire was in Russian. Lately, band has increased the emphasis on the songs with English lyrics, so the name is pronounced in the English transcription as well - [dɪˈfaɪənt].

The band was formed in the autumn of 2008 in Zaporizhia (Ukraine), when some of the participants of group Mask of Loki decided to create a new project. Soon it was beefed up by new people. After a lengthy debate the team was named Defiant. Birthday of the band is considered to be the 23 of October.

The band plays melodic heavy-power metal with the active use of elements of other genres. The main musical idea of the project is a harmonious combination of energy and melody. At the same time members of the band aren’t afraid to experiment and search fresh musical ideas. In the process of growing the band departed from the usual for power-metal mythological and fantasy themes, shifting the emphasis on social issues.

Bands releases

In 2010 the band released debut EP "Those who want to see the light," and presented it in Zaporizhia Rock Cafe Music Band Club on June 26. In 2011 the EP was re-released with the arrival the new vocalist.

In 2012 the first full-length album "Masquerade" was released, including 13 songs. In the March of 2013 the album was released by Russian label Sublimity Records. Also, the several songs of the album were published in a variety of Russian and Ukrainian rock collections.

In early 2014 the band released single "The Dragon Was Dying" - the epic 10-minute track, which was recorded with singers and musicians from other well-known Ukrainian bands.

2014 was rich for changes in the composition of the band. In the spring singer Lobanov left the band, in late summer drummer Alexander Rassokhin also quites and soon bassist Grigory Romanov follows them. Only in November a new membership was completely formed. After that the band presented a new song "According to the Acts" and a video of it. Band finished the year in the studio, where 5 songs from the first album were re-recorded with the new vocalist Olga Makarova. In consequence of this in early 2015 was released EP "Night".

In late 2015 Olga left the band, and in the end of 2015 the membership was updated by new vocalist Stanislav Proshkin.

The band already has a few dozens of concerts under it's belt, including recitals and large-scale Ukrainian and international festivals, like biker rock fest "Wolnica", rock fest "Snowstorm", biker rally "Battle of Poltava", rock fest "Za-porig", biker fest "Rock Shock", an international fest "Slavic Rock", the international rock festival "kRock u maybutne", etc.


Defiant (2016). The membership for today (from left to right): Victoria Terzieva (keyboards), Andrey Turkovsky (guitar), Stanislav Proshkin (vocals), Oleg Yakovlev (bass), Evgeniy Smolin (drums)